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Coverage Details: 

  • $1Million/$2Million Limits Available

  • No sub-limit on Assault and Battery

    • Assault and Battery included or optional

    • No CAP on alcohol sales

    • Defense costs outside the limit

    • Risks with security or major entertainment acceptable

    • Liquor License Holder included as Additional Insured

    • Coverage available for both licensed and unlicensed operations


Preferred Classes:

  • Bars

  • Restaurants

  • Private Fraternal Clubs

  • Retail Liquor or Convenience Stores

  • Nightclubs

  • Adult/Gentleman's Clubs

  • Banquet Halls

  • Caterers/Bartending Services

  • Wholesale Distributors

  • Various Unlicensed Risks



Quick Quote Turnaround - or Phone Quote

Low Minimum Premiums

10% Commission

Certain State Restrictions Apply

Focus on Accounts Under $100,000 in Premium

Contact Us for More Details! 

liquor liability insurance assault battery alcohol entertainment bar restaurant private nightclub club bartend distributor

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  • Fully Completed Application - Any carrier app or contact us for an application.

  • Loss Runs

  • Target Premiums 

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